Shijie Li 李仕杰

PhD Student
Computer Vision Group
Bonn University
Bonn, German
Email: lsj [AT] uni-bonn [DOT] de

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  • 2019/10/14: Start PhD career at CVG, Bonn University in German.

    About Me

    Shijie Li (李仕杰) is a Second-year Ph.D. Student at CVG, Bonn University, advised by Prof. Juergen Gall. Previously, he worked with Prof. Ming-Ming Cheng at Nankai University. He also conducted research at Alibaba AI Lab, and TUM.

    If you are also interested in my research, feel free to contact ;)


  • 2019.10--Present: Ph.D., Computer Science, Bonn University.
  • 2016.09--2019.06: M.Sc., Computer Science, Nankai University.
  • 2012.09--2016.06: B.Sc., Automation Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC).
  • Publication


    Dual Pyramid Generative Adversarial Networks for Semantic Image Synthesis
    ShiJie Li, Juergen Gall
    BMVC, 2022.
    [Paper] [arxiv] [bib]

    Semantic RGB-D Image Synthesis
    ShiJie Li, Juergen Gall
    Arxiv, 2022.
    [Paper] [bib]

    A Simple and Efficient Semantic Image Synthesis baseline with Transformer
    ShiJie Li, Juergen Gall
    Arxiv, 2022.
    [Paper] [bib]


    Rethinking 3D LiDAR Point Cloud Segmentation
    ShiJie Li, Yun Liu, Juergen Gall
    IEEE TNNLS, 2021.
    [Paper] [arxiv] [bib] [code]

    Spatial-Temporal Consistency Network for Low-Latency Trajectory Forecasting
    ShiJie Li, Yanying Zhou, Jinhui Yi, Juergen Gall
    IEEE ICCV, 2021.
    [Paper] [arxiv] [bib] [code]

    Multi-scale Interaction for Real-time LiDAR Data Segmentation on an Embedded Platform
    ShiJie Li, Xieyuanli Chen, Yun Liu, Dengxin Dai, Cyrill Stachniss, Juergen Gall
    IEEE RA-L, 2021.
    [Paper] [arxiv] [bib] [code]

    Pose Refinement Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-based Action Recognition
    ShiJie Li, Jinhui Yi, Yazan Abu Farha, Juergen Gall
    IEEE RA-L, 2021.
    [Paper] [arxiv] [bib] [code]

    MiniSeg: An Extremely Minimum Network for Efficient COVID-19 Segmentation
    Yu Qiu, Yun Liu, ShiJie Li, Jing Xu
    AAAI, 2021.
    [arxiv] [code]

    Moving Object Segmentation in 3D LiDAR Data: A Learning-based Approach Exploiting Sequential Data
    Xieyuanli Chen, Shijie Li, Benedikt Mersch, Louis Wiesmann, Juergen Gall, Jens Behley, Cyrill Stachniss
    IEEE RA-L, 2021.
    [Paper] [arxiv] [code]

    R-SARL: Crowd-aware Navigation Based Deep Reinforcement Learning for Nonholonomic Robot in Complex Environments
    Yanying Zhou, ShiJie Li, Jochen Garcke
    Arxiv, 2020.


    MS-TCN++: Multi-Stage Temporal Convolutional Network for Action Segmentation
    ShiJie Li, Yazan Abu Farha, Yun Liu, Ming-Ming Cheng, Juergen Gall
    IEEE TPAMI, 2020.
    [Project] [arxiv] [bib] [code] [中文版]

    Projected-point-based Segmentation: A New Paradigm for LiDAR Point Cloud Segmentation
    ShiJie Li, Yun Liu, Juergen Gall
    Arxiv, 2020.

    RefinedBox: Refining for Fewer and High-qualityObject Proposals
    Yun Liu, ShiJie Li, Ming-Ming Cheng
    Neurocomputing, 2020.
    [Paper] [bib]


    Joint salient object detection and existence prediction
    Huaizu Jiang, Ming-Ming Cheng, ShiJie Li, Ali Borji, Jingdong Wang
    Frontiers of Computer Science, 2019.
    [Paper] [bib]


    CubemapSLAM: A Piecewise-Pinhole Monocular Fisheye SLAM System
    Yahui Wang, Shaojun Cai, ShiJie Li, Yun Liu, Yangyan Guo, Tao Li, Ming-Ming Cheng
    ACCV, 2018.
    [Paper] [bib]

    Structured Skip List: A Compact Data Structure for 3D Reconstruction
    ShiJie Li, Ming-Ming Cheng, Yun Liu, Shao-Ping Lu, YaHui Wang, Victor Adrian Prisacariu
    IROS, 2018.
    [Paper] [bib]

    DEL: Deep Embedding Learning for Efficient Image Segmentation
    Yun Liu, Peng-Tao Jiang, Vahan Petrosyan, ShiJie Li, Jiawang Bian, Le Zhang, Ming-Ming Cheng
    IJCAI, 2018.
    [Paper] [bib]

    Direct line guidance odometry
    ShiJie Li, Bo Ren, Yun Liu, Ming-Ming Cheng, Duncan Frost, Victor Adrian Prisacariu
    ICRA, 2018.
    [Paper] [bib]

    Academic Service

    Journal Reviewer

    TPAMI, TNNLS, Pattern Recognition (PR), IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems

    Conference Reviewer